TechZen LLC was founded by technology & insurance veteran Ed Arovas to assist large clients with decision making and strategy and to assist smaller clients with developing technology blueprints and prioritizing projects.  Ed has served on multiple insurance and technology-related boards.

TechZen has been helping companies make better decisions and improve operations since 2009.  Ed has been doing it since 1989.

About Ed Arovas

Ed Arovas, president of TechZen LLC, has a diverse, early background assisting clients with establishing and maintaining smooth running information technology (IT) operations.  Ed’s approach is to work with clients on high level areas to ensure the goals of the technology department can be achieved while meeting the overall organizational goals.  Ed has assisted with product and vendor selection, mentoring, staffing, budgeting, project prioritization and management, numerous technology roll-outs, policy development, cloud migrations, data center consolidation, collocation and business continuity initiatives.

In Ed’s 20+ years of serving in IT management roles, he has built multiple successful IT departments and designed infrastructure solutions for small, single office to large, multi-office organizations.  Ed has assisted all functional areas typically found in an organization with software and system selection and implementation.  Examples include accounting, human resource, policy administration and client relationship management systems.  Ed also has experience with industry specific applications, for example, litigation support in law firms and point-of-sale in retail businesses.

Ed’s experience is diverse and extensive.  As a law firm CIO, Ed accomplished a comprehensive technology project that enabled independence for a multi-office law firm separating from a big four accounting firm, effectively establishing a state-of-the art IT staff and infrastructure in six months.  Ed has been repeatedly recognized by clients and employers for his ability to streamline and upgrade services while reducing costs.  Ed has handled numerous contract reviews, negotiations and service upgrades or transfers.

Ed’s responsibility as a commercial insurance carrier President & COO included the successful expansion from two to twenty states and the tripling of revenue while improving the underwriting, claims and administrative operations and staffs.  Ed led the migration of the policy administration to a cloud-based platform.  Ed introduced and formalized an analytics function for the carrier to assist with improving risk decision making.

Ed co-founded an Insurtech business that was designed around a mobile app for insurance sales that offered bind-online capability.

Ed has partnered with and is driving strategy and product development for a telematics vendor that is focused on the insurance industry vertical.

Ed received his M.S. in Information Systems from George Washington University and his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Connecticut.